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What is an Automatic Watch

Case: 43mm diameter 304L stainless steel case, steel screw crown, flat sapphire front crystal with single anti-reflective coating,

Movement: Japan Seiko NH35 automatic movement with a date

Band/ Bracelet: 20mm width of the genuine leather strap with steel butterfly clasp

Dial: dial bezel + sunray background with the metal UP Roman markers

Hands: 3pcs hands, H & M hands with common luminous

Waterproof: 3ATM

Leedon Watch- What is an Automatic Watch

An automatic watch is a mechanical watch that does not require a battery. It winds itself using the movement of the wearer’s wrist. Here are the key things to know about automatic watches:

• Uses an oscillating weight called a rotor to wind the mainspring. As the wearer’s wrist moves, the rotor spins, which winds the mainspring and stores energy to power the watch.

• Draws energy from the natural movements of the wearer. As long as the watch is worn regularly, it will keep operating. If left unworn for an extended period, the power reserve will deplete and it will stop running until reworn and rewound.

• More intricate, complex mechanism than quartz or battery-powered watches. The movement contains many more parts to harness energy, keep time, and control the displays. This results in a smoother motion of the second hand.

• Generally more expensive than quartz watches due to the intricate movement. Automatic movements also require more frequent maintenance and service to keep running accurately.

• Slightly less accurate than quartz. Automatic watches typically have an accuracy of within 30 seconds per day compared to within 15 seconds per month for quartz. They are more prone to inaccuracies due to changes in position or activity.

• Two types: full rotor and micro-rotor. Full rotor movements have a larger oscillating weight that spans the whole movement. Micro-rotor uses a smaller weight embedded on the perimeter of the movement, allowing a thinner profile watch design.

• Other features like date windows, chronograph, and moonphase complications are available. Higher end movements offer more functions and decorative finishing.

• Preferred by watch enthusiasts and collectors due to tradition, craftsmanship and engineering. An automatic watch is seen as a tiny mechanical masterpiece.

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