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1, Grey background with sunray metal shine

2, Applied index hours makers with Swiss C3 luminous, white printed minutes markers

3, The thickness of dial often is 0.4mm

4, With date window in 3 position

Types of watch dials for sale


As we all know, watch faces come in many styles, materials and designs. If you’re looking to restore a vintage timepiece or have a new watch custom made, you have a number of options. For example, a mechanical watch dial has hour markers and hands for analog timekeeping. The digital watch face has an electronic display for modern digital readouts.

Watches play a very important role in the fashion industry. If you often shop online or read some fashion magazines, you will see many different watches. Watch dials are made from a variety of materials.

There is a dial made of pure gold, which has a nice luster. There is also a mother-of-pearl dial. In addition, stainless steel and plastic have also become the preferred choice of dial materials because of their convenient maintenance and price advantages.

At the same time, in recent years, users will choose to buy different types of watches in order to match different clothes. Watch manufacturers come up with different styles of watch dials.

For example, there are casual sports-style dials specially designed for casual people; there are also some formal and luxurious dials, decorated with gemstones or diamonds. Certain dials are also designed for specific types of timepieces, such as divers, pilots or military watches.


Mechanical watch dials for sale:

Mechanical watch faces are designed for traditional watches that display the time with hour, minute, and second hands. Around the outer edge of the mechanical dial, there are hour markers in 5-minute increments, and numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. These dials are for watches with quartz battery powered or manual winding movements.


Digital watch dials:


The digital watch face features an electronic display that shows the time in digital format. Instead of using traditional hour and minute hands. Digital Watch Face is specially designed for digital watches that run on battery power and keep and display time electronically. The numbers on the digital watch face illuminate on the LCD or LED screen, allowing you to check the time even in low light.


Watch dials by material:


•Plastic Watch Dials: Plastic watch dials are affordable, durable and available in a variety of colors. Typically used for casual and children’s watches.

Metal Watch Dials: Stainless steel is a popular metal for watch dials. Also available with brass, gold and silver dials for an even more luxurious look. The metal dial offers an elegant and timeless look.

• Mother of Pearl Watch Dials: Made from the inner shell of molluscs, mother of pearl or MOP dials have an iridescent quality and opalescent sheen. MOP is a beautiful natural material used in many luxury timepieces.

• Gemstone watch dials: Gemstone dials such as agate, jade, rose quartz or tiger’s eye create an organic, one-of-a-kind look. High jewelry watches feature semi-precious and precious stone dials.

• Enamel watch dials: Enamel dials are made by applying paint to a black or white enamel base, then firing the dial to harden and deepen the color. The enamel dial has a glassy sheen and a vintage look.

• Lacquered watch dials: Lacquered dials are coated with multiple layers of varnish for a deep liquid sheen and mirror-like texture. A colorful lacquer like red or midnight blue is very eye-catching.

• Ceramic watch dials: Ceramic dials are made using inorganic non-metallic solids. They’re scratch-resistant, durable, and available in black, white, and a variety of colors. The ceramic dial has a smooth geometric surface.


Watch dials by style:


• Casual Watches: Casual watch dials have a simple, laid-back look with minimal details. They have basic bar or dot hour markers. It is a streamlined style suitable for everyday wear. The casual watch face pairs well with a casual, sporty or smart casual watch band.

•Formal Watches: Formal or dressy dials offer an elegant style for business or evening wear. They tend to feature Roman numerals, metallic finishes, and a refined, minimal design. Formal watch dials complement metal or leather dress straps.

•Luxury Watches: Luxury watch dials use high-end materials and exquisite watch details to create a luxurious look. They contain precious metals such as gold, gemstones, enamel or locomotives. Luxurious watch dials are characteristic of high designer watches, conveying status or prestige.

• Vintage Watches: Vintage styled watch dials are designed to replicate the look of dials from previous eras, especially the 1930’s to 1950’s. They feature Art Deco numbers, two-tone, domed crystals, and vintage branding. Vintage watch dials are popular for evoking the classic styles of the past.

•Sports Watches: Sport watches have a youthful, sporty look for an active lifestyle. They contain large numerals, chronograph subdials, tachymeter markings and bright colors such as red, blue or orange. Sports watch dials are often used in sports chronograph, diving or racing watches.

• Military/Pilot Watches: Military and pilot watch dials feature simple, high-contrast numerals and markings for maximum legibility. They have a practical, dedicated design for professional use. Military/pilot dials are popular in aviator, field and tactical style watches.


Watch dials for specific watch types: 


Diver watch: Diver watch dials feature bold markings and numerals in bright colors for high visibility underwater. They often incorporate elapsed time bezels and water resistance ratings of 200m or more. Diver dials are essential for the functionality of dive watches.

•Aviation watch: Aviation or pilot watch dials have large numerals and hands plus navigation tools like slide rule bezels for calculating fuel consumption and ascent times. They aim for maximum legibility in the cockpit. Aviation dials are required for authentic pilot’s watches.

•Military watch: Military watch dials emphasize durability, reliability and high visibility for use in tactical situations. They have basic markings, non-reflective matte finishes and 12-hour formats. Military dials are essential for field watches used by armed forces.

•Pocket Watch: Pocket watch dials come in a range of sizes for the different calibers of movements but traditionally feature Roman numerals and intricate designs with subsidiary seconds dials. They have a classic aesthetic for antique open-face or hunter-case pocket watches.

•Railroad watch: Railroad watch dials follow stringent guidelines for clarity and precision to meet historical railroad standards. They have bold Arabic numerals at each hour position, inner minute markers in increments of 5 around the edge of the dial and larger-size hands. Railroad dials are necessary for an authentic railroad-approved pocket watch.


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