Sunray Dial for Watches

1, Grey background with sunray metal shine

2, Applied index hours makers with Swiss C3 luminous, white printed minutes markers

3, The thickness of dial often is 0.4mm

4, With date window in 3 position

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Descriptions of Sunray Dial for Watches

Sunray dial also can be called as Sunburst dial. The exquisite craft shows good quality. The sunburst dial has a golden hue to it creating a “sunburst” effect in certain light. The flat dial is just that.

Leedon watch Sunray Dial accessory allows you to customize your watch with a premium dial featuring a radiant sunray finish, applied luminous markers and a convenient date window at 3 o’clock.

The stunning grey sunray background of our dial gives watches a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic with a luxurious metal sheen. When the light catches the textured dial, it radiates across the surface for a truly eye-catching effect. The dial is crafted to the highest standards using the finest materials for durability that matches that of your original watch.

Swiss C3 Super-LumiNova luminous material is applied by hand to the polished hour markers, enabling your watch to exhibit a bright glow in low light conditions. The thickness of the dial at 0.4mm ensures it can be installed in most standard watches with minimal modifications required. Simply replace your existing dial for a high-quality dial upgrade that transforms the appearance of your watch.

Advantages of Sunray Dial for Watches

1, With exquisite metal shine
2, Welcome OEM designs
3, Welcome Pantone number for colors

For DIY watch enthusiasts, Leedon Sunray Dial opens up a world of customization possibilities. Change the entire style of your watch in minutes with a sleek, grey metal sunray dial or choose additional dials in different color options to swap in and out whenever you want a new look. Create unique timepieces tailored to your tastes from the convenience of your own home.

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