OEM Watches

You have market research and created or collected a list of watch designs and specs (for example case material, movement, case size, glass type, dial design, band type, etc.) that you would like to develop into your own brand of watches, but lack the manufacturing capacity to produce it. We know every aspect of the watch industry and we can help with the entire watch design, production, packaging, and other services process from beginning to end.

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We allow businesses to design and produce custom watches, source the best components for your budget, and coordinate production. Always provide affordable and reasonable watches to you. Leedon Watch Company offers full-service watch production, from design to prototype to mass production. We have 20+ years of industry experience and can guide you through the process to make sure you are satisfied and successful.colors, finishes, band type or colors, and

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We have our own stainless steel case department, what's more with CNC part, NC part. Customer's design often will be protected better, if they need.

We also pride ours elves with the quality of service that we provide to our partners. Our mission is to save you costs, whilst assuring the quality of your products.


ODM Watches

At Leedon Watch Co.Limited,we manufacture, produce and export watches and watch accessories.

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ODM (original design manufacturing, also referred to as “private labeling or white label.”) is a company that designs and makes watch products or others based on the client’s product idea. Using this option, you choose the styles from an already-existing watch design and Leedon watch catalog. You can make small modifications to the watch case along with the dial design and then sell it with your own brand name. Modifications can be things like case colors, finishes, band type or colors, and some limited functionality adjustments.