China Watch Manufacturing

Private-label watch manufacturing based in China

Low costs, vast production capacity, strong supply chain, skilled labor, government support, advanced infrastructure and experience in cooperating with international brands have made China an ideal manufacturing base for watches and other precision instruments.

Leedon Watch, is one of the best watch manufacturers in China. Produce watches with elegant designs and better functioning. When we collaborate with consumers, we make the deal beneficial for both parties. We know how to control the branding. The best part? We have experience designing, branding, and marketing your watches.

Our branding quality will help you to create a unique identity and differentiate yourself from competitors. Also, we allow our consumers to customize their products unhesitantly whenever they want to.

The maximum production capacity of a watch factory depends largely on the type of watches produced. For quartz watch movements, Leedonwatch typically has a production capacity of 100,000 to 120,000 pieces per month. For automatic and dive watches with mechanical movements, Leedonwatch tends to have a production capacity of 50,000 to 80,000 per month. Leedonwatch can meet the needs of users in a large number of orders in a timely manner and deliver on time.

Private Label Watches

Private label watches are timepieces manufactured by a different supplier and sold by a different firm. These watches are sold through the brand giving the order of watch makings, like a retailer, a fashion brand, or any sports or business owner.

Private-label watches prove to be very beneficial for the watch business. It provides an opportunity to create a unique product line without investing a huge amount. The private label owner does all the research, development, and manufacturing processes.

We work closely with our customers so they can also know the whole watchmaking process. The insight of the watch-making process satisfies our customers that they are receiving high-quality products.

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OEM/ODM Watches

Original Equipment Manufacturer, and Original Design Manufacturer private label watches have several benefits for watch business owners, including customization and branding.

OEM/ODM private label watches allow customers to architect various aspects of the watch, such as designs, dial, case, strap, and movement.

Furthermore, you get flexibility while working with OEM/ODM manufacturers. OEM/ODM can also produce watches in a smaller ratio because it’s better to take smaller risks than bigger ones while starting a new watch venture.

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Quality control

As a watch manufacturing hub, China's watchmakers pay a lot of attention to quality control.

High quality standards. Leedon implements high quality standards for the entire manufacturing process, from sourcing components to final assembly, packaging and shipping.

Advanced testing. Assembled watches go through comprehensive electronic testing to check functions like timekeeping, chronograph, alarm, date display, etc. Watches that pass all tests can proceed to final quality check.

Quality audits. Leedon regularly conducts internal quality audits as well as audits by third-party inspectors and brands. Quality audits evaluate the effectiveness of quality control procedures and help identify areas for improvement.