Alligator grain leather watch straps

1. Frist layer Alligator material, and waterproof back leather

2. Stainless steel butterfly clasp

3. Exsited strap model of the design

4. Good stiching and IP plating if need it for clasp

5. Size: 14mm/16mm/18mm/19mm/20mm/21mm/22mm

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Descriptions of Alligator Grain Leather Watch Straps

The quality level of the alligator grain leather round pattern watch strap is boutique level. Alligator is precious and rare. It is known as the platinum in leather. The refined strap is the best choice for many world-famous watch straps.

Advantages of Alligator Grain Leather Watch Straps

1, Competitive price of the watch strap
2, A wealth of width of it
3, Using genuine alligator leather watch straps can obviously reinforce one man’s strongest power as well as personality. Compared to other mid-priced leather materials such as cowhide and ostrich skin, alligator leather is much more luxurious with a completely higher price range.